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Luck really does exist: science says it!


Does luck really exist? Science appears to be convinced of this. But how do we attract him? Let’s find out together.

According to a study, luck really does exist!

According to science Luck is already there. So there is no need for superstitious gestures, such as, for example, “Do not pass under the hall, number 13 or do not cross the street if a black cat passes.”

Do these gestures, if carried out, really lead to misfortune? Or is it just a figment of our imagination? for the record, Luck exists and can be attracted. Likes? Let’s find out together.

The one who conducted this interesting research is the lecturer at the University of Hertfordshire in the United Kingdom, Richard Wiseman, mainly based on the question: “Why are they there People who are in the right place at the right time while the others, exactly the contrary, Are they haunted by unfavorable events?“.

The professor tried to explain this strange phenomenon with the following answer.Most people are miserable Simply They do not appear to be open to their surroundings“.

Wiseman also states that “Lucky people work on the opportunities they find in their lives; They try to start a small project and build learning on interaction; Unlike a miser who suffers from some kind of analytical paralysis.”

According to science, luck is there!

What does teacher mean? More extroverted people have a better chance to be lucky, minus those who are very anxious.

Then you need to listen to your intuition: most lucky people say that, in fact, they follow instinct, both in personal relationships and in the workplace.

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Richard Wiseman further stated that “what appears to be a hunch is actually an experience in the area, a pattern that the body and brain have somehow already detected and are not aware of. Unhappy people often do not follow their intuition Because they don’t know where they come from and are concerned about that and the decision they have to make.”

According to science, luck is there!
Optimism increases self-esteem

Optimism is always a good base to start with: through optimism we can increase our self-esteem.

According to the teacher’s studyOnly 10% of our existence is random, the remaining 90% is determined by how we deal with what happens to us.“.

Are you ready to see if this study is really effective?


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