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Tennis - US Congressional delegation officially asks Biden to allow Djokovic to play in US Open

Tennis – US Congressional delegation officially asks Biden to allow Djokovic to play in US Open

If only a few hours ago Novak Djokovic had to communicate with the organizers of the Masters 1000 in Canada, this year in Montreal, Your flat rate due to inability to enter the country (Unlike the US, which does not grant entry to unvaccinated foreigners), the first formal act to open Novak Djokovic’s trust comes from the US. This is not some statement either by politicians or by the appeal of certain starsBut in A truly formal act. Sign and share Two different representatives of the United States CongressRepublican Party Claudia Denny, elected to New York College—22; And the Republican Party Louis Komert, elected to Texas-01 College. Both have sent an official request to US President Joe Biden to allow Novak Djokovic – and all unvaccinated foreigners – to enter the US.

In particular, Denny’s representative requested that Congress grant specific exemptions to Djokovic and all other athletes who wish to participate in the US Open.

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Because it is an important action Begins the actual official process as possible So Novak Djokovic can enter the US. As of today, there are exactly 24 days left for the next edition of the US Open, which begins this coming Monday, August 29. So with just over 3 weeks to go Djokovic is hoping that politics can (should?) find a solution to his case. A case in point is the apparent inequality of treatment.

In fact, vaccination is not required to participate in the US Open: Unvaccinated civilians, as well as unvaccinated U.S. passport veterans – example above all Dennis Sandgren – Will have regular access to the Flushing Meadows facility and its amenities. Foreign nationals with the same “unvaccinated” status are not allowed access. The race against time has begun. Let’s see if the Biden administration does something formal.

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