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Elections: Fratoianni and Bonelli da Letta: ‘Reflections within 48 hours’ – Politics

“In the next few hours our alliances will collide with each other. We will discuss, then we will evaluate and soon, within 48 hours, we will understand if the conditions for an alliance exist” I hope: “Now a reflection begins and we expect a reflection in the Democratic Party too. PD Enrico After meeting with Letta’s secretary, yes secretary Nicola Fratoianni said this along with co-spokesman Eve Angelo Bonelli.

“We represent a discomfort, not only ours, but also in the country – and Bonelli – and the Democratic Party must participate and be blamed for this discomfort”.

“We registered a very strong desire on the part of the Democratic Party for an agreement and to centralize this coalition. We reiterated that a coalition with Draghi’s agenda at the center of its program is not possible for us,” they said in another paragraph.

“Feeling that steps have been taken to reach a positive outcome”. This is the evidence of the Nazarene report after a meeting lasting an hour and a half with Pd Enrico Letta’s secretary Ev and Si, Angelo Bonelli and Nicola Fratoianni. “Letta – explain the same sources – reiterated the strong desire and determination of the Democratic Party to tighten this electoral agreement, with the aim of building and strengthening a broad and plural coalition, because the aim is to try to win competition and sovereignty. Right “. Letta, Bonelli and Fratoianni will be renewed.

The appointment scheduled for yesterday afternoon to define the expansion of the alliance was skipped because Si and Ev asked for a supplementary reflection after the agreement signed by the Democratic Party with the action of Carlo Calenda.

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“Dignity and mutual respect, that’s the message I send to potential partners in the alliance.” It is the meaning of speech that we learn Luigi Di Maio, A political leader of civic commitment, to a gathering of parliamentarians of political power. “In my opinion, the alliance should be as broad as possible to be competitive and to stop extremism – said the foreign minister – in the next few hours we need to understand where this alliance wants to go and which alliance it wants to build. One thing is certain: the political forces of an alliance are series A and series B. cannot be distinguished into parties. “I will not run again in the next elections – says former M5s health undersecretary Sileri who passed the Ipf”.

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