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Telepass, the gift has finally arrived: you won’t have to worry anymore

Telepass has a gift ready for all motorists and motorcyclists in Italy: a series of concessions and promotions associated with some products that will allow all the drivers involved to save a lot of money during fees. Let’s find out what it is.

In a period of this severe economic crisis, one finally comes Good news for all motorists and motorcyclists from the country. Telepass Actually he has in store a free gift Long overdue after a long time will allow a great deal of waiting For a more peaceful highway trip experience.

Telepass tollbooth –

A novelty that allows certain specific classes to benefit from specific and unique classes Benefits Which will save a lot of money. First of all, the surprise of the giant who manages tolls on Italian highways matters motorcyclistsWhich Connect the motorcycle license plate to the device (only one) is entitled to one 30% discount on the cost of the tariff.

An option that rewards centaurs and fans of the two-wheeled world but it certainly isn’t the only option Telepass keeps for its members. In fact it’s also been made official Another more extraordinary novelty Which involves all motorists who are forced to navigate often on the many motorways in Italy.

A highly anticipated novelty, thanks to her All Telepass Pay X owners will get 40% off all fees. To get the benefit you need meSubscribe to Telepass Pay X no later than October 31 2022: period The discount will run from December 1, 2022 to January 31, 2023. but that is not all.

Telepas cuts fees: the tipping point

A highly anticipated turning pointAnd, as we’ve seen, those that relate to both motorcyclists and motorists traveling with a Telepass. In particular, those who subscribe or already use Telepass Pay X in addition to the 40% discount can take advantage of No fees for two years on the device.

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Revolutionary Telepass Pay XThanks to this, drivers will also have access to paid services without additional fees for two years: they are worried Taxis, fuel, scooters, blue lines and much more. An evolution that would give a lot breathes For thousands of Italian families, now stifled by their expenses.

Telepass Pay X –

Moreover, Telepass offers a file BNL prepaid card with no fees to buy online, which can be activated at the time of subscription to the platform. This is in addition to Cashback on fuel 40% Scheduled from December 1, 2022 to January 31, 2023. And in order not to miss anything, on the Telepass website it is possible to register and Participation in the extraction of Amazon vouchers up to 1000 euros.