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If you find Minerva in these old liras then you are rich: here's what

If you find 10 lira per ear, you are rich and filthy: this is the value

The fascination with old coins or even “ancient” coins is certainly due to factors such as the “affection” that citizens tend to feel, as in the case of the old lira which inevitably evokes feelings of nostalgia among the “elders.” This is the case of issues very prevalent in the past, especially in the second half of the last century, such as 10 lire con la Spiga, one of the most famous and widespread in our country.

If you find 10 lira per ear, you are rich and filthy: this is the value

This is the second and last metallic emission of this value which has been coined in our country. It was built continuously from 1951 until 2000 (with a ‘pause’ from 1956 to 1965), even if reduced prevalence began in the 1990s. Official estimates of the mint are approximately 2 billion minted coins, making the 10 lira ear among the most widespread in the second half of the last century. The Spiga 10 lira has replaced the replica, as it was made in Italmabetter known as Olivo.

The name was derived from the reproduction of two ears of wheat on the obverse of the coin, surrounded by the face value of 10 liras, while the reverse is marked with the inscription. Italian Republic And photographing the plow and the year of its minting.

The value is not discounted, but as it often happens, it reflects the rarity of the coin: the most interesting are those from the 1950s which could be worth several tens of euros if they were in perfect condition, like the ones in 1954 which were In great condition (best possible condition) also worth over €100.

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Also interesting is the minting error of 1991, which can be recognized by the presence of an inverted “inverse”, due to a minting error, which gives this problem a maximum value of 150 euros, always if it is in non-circulating glossy. Otherwise, the evaluation is between 20 and 70 euros.