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Tax records, revenue agency adjustment: ask for accounts

Tax records, revenue agency adjustment: ask for accounts

Revenue collection agency wants to shut down foreclosures in the dark. From now on, regarding tax bills, the update will be constant.

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At stake is the cancellation of the remaining credits dating back to 2000-2010, that’s right, but the financial machine is also looking at other fronts. Among these data is the current accounts of taxpayers. Specifically, it is a real proposition, It was referred by the Inland Revenue Group and ended up in Parliament, related to the restoration of roles. These are technical terms to refer to tax bills due. Thus, if approved, something will change regarding the method of collection.

In theory, the goal is to make it more effective. A change that will also accompany the financial truce stipulated by decree, with a third cancellation, balance and extracts from tax bills from 2000 to 2010 not exceeding 5 thousand euros and taxpayers with an income limit of 30 thousand euros as indicated, Cancellation will be automatic (Do it yourself for those who decided to use an assembly program). However, the issue of reimbursement remains for those who have already paid. The answer seems to be no.

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Tax records, enterprise proposal: what is changing

Thus, the improvement of the tax collection system goes through a new regulation. The tracking system becomes, in this sense, essential. Work in this direction will require tightening the rules for archiving financial reports. and for this, In the context of tax billsIt is current accounts that end up in the crosshairs of reform. Which can, in some circumstances, be incompetent or empty. Details to be reckoned with, especially with regard to foreclosures.

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Practically speaking, one of the goals would be to avoid so-called “dark foreclosures”, that is, those processes that the revenue agency might find itself in front of in the case of current accounts that lead to such situations. Traceability, in essence, It will avoid problems Understand how much capital is available to apply foreclosure provisions. Hence AdER’s request for account information, as well as a constant update of the data. Even at monthly rates.