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Tari 2021, there is an extension: what changes to pay the waste tax

Laura CastelliThe Deputy Minister of Economy and Finance announced the extension of CountriesMunicipal waste tax. Action will be taken to give more time for municipalities to approve it systems on tax and rates.

The deputy Mef stressed that all government parties would support the extension of Tari’s term, which she had already requestedAnci, Talking about “Great sensitivity“On the subject and”wide affinity“.

Who has to pay the date and how is it calculated on the basis of the municipality of residence

Anyone who owns or owns for any reason buildings or open spaces used in any use that may result waste civilized.

To calculate the waste tax, the authorized or confirmed walkable areas are considered, and the square meters are multiplied by the population of the house. In the case of second homes, the number of occupants is determined on the basis of area in square feet. This data is used to produce fixed quote.

It must be added quota Factor, which is calculated as an absolute value over the population. It is always a good idea to check municipal regulations to ensure that you are not overpaying.

When do you pay the tari and what are the deadlines to be respected

Tari payment installments vary according to what is independently settled by the individual municipalities, which are required to apportion the tax on waste in at least two installments, one of which is suffixed to November 30.

Payment usually comes postponed On three or even four dates, on one, two, or three Down payment, and the Balance From the amount owed to the municipality starting from the last month of the year.

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TARI, extension for municipalities until July 31: what is changing for taxpayers

Deputy Minister Laura Castelli stated that by June 30 a the new Base, which may be featured in new decree Which will be discussed in the Cabinet in the coming days.

Extension to improve municipal tariffs for Countries The date should be postponed by one month, to July 31, to give municipalities time to approve regulations. It is easy to predict that payments to citizens will also suffer Delay.