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Tajani: “Immigration agreement with Albania will become law”

Tajani: “Immigration agreement with Albania will become law”

“Government intends to soon introduce the Consent Bill in the Chambers containing the necessary provisions and provisions to implement the Code”. Foreign Minister Antonio Tajani’s announcement on the Italy-Albania accord also draws applause from the Democratic benches. “Today’s debate and the vote that concludes it prove, if anything, that our government has never shied away from parliamentary dialogue and scrutiny, especially on issues of such importance,” Tajani underlined.

His words will arrive in a Montecitorio chamber in the morning, where the center-right benches are almost empty, on a day when the deal will be debated, according to the minister, “a significant part of the government’s strategy” on migrants. The green light for a majority resolution came in the afternoon with 189 yeses and 126 noes.

The Democrats welcome “with satisfaction.” Giuseppe Provenzano Defines a “U-turn” in the choice to introduce a bill to ratify the treaty with Albania. “The government has defamed the constitution,” commented the Dem secretary Ellie Schlein. However, there are objections to the merits of the deal, as reiterated by +Europa and Avs: “It’s a complete failure”.

Together – Pd, Azione, Iv, Avs and +Europa, but not the M5S, which accepts another text – “Put forward a resolution committing the government to present in the Chambers, according to Article 80 of the Constitution, the proposed legal authorization. Approval of the Protocol between the Government of the Italian Republic and the Council of Ministers of the Republic of Albania” and “declare the invalidity of all the provisions of the Government and individual Ministries, which are incorporated, consequential and enforceable. Normative, prior to the date of entry into force of the Consent Act”.

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Tajani ensures that the procedures carried out in Albania will “operate in accordance with Italian, European and international laws on this matter” and will be carried out “exclusively by Italian administrative and judicial authorities”. The protocol is “not comparable to the protocol between the United Kingdom and Rwanda: there is no outsourcing to a third country of the management of asylum applications and no derogation of internationally guaranteed rights, which are in fact reaffirmed. Protocol”. It goes into detail: “Albania will provide Italy with two areas free of charge. An arrival point at the port of Shenzhen on the northern coast of the country and a military base in Kjadar, 30 kilometers from the port. The port will have a structure dedicated to rescue operations, first aid and detection of identities and fingerprints. In the second structure, In the domestic area, the application for international protection will be examined. If the requirements are not met, they will carry out deportation procedures”.