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Alas, the EU is losing ground to the US and China.  Studio Ced: Industrial principles required

Alas, the EU is losing ground to the US and China. Studio Ced: Industrial principles required

A study by the Digital Economy Center was presented at Mimit

In key areas such as quantum technologies and artificial intelligence, the European Union is losing ground to the US and China.
That’s the film that came out of it Center for the Digital Economy 2023 Report On Frontier Technologies, contributed by Enav, Enel, Eni, Leonardo, Open Fiber and Tim, delivered to the Ministry of Commerce and produced in Italy, .


Moderated by Manuela Perrone of Il Sole 24 Ore, in addition to Minister Adolfo Urso, Ced President Rosario Serra participated in the presentation; Paolo Quercia, Director of the Mimit Study Center; Cristiano Cantoni, Head of Innovation, Research and Investment Planning at Enow; Nicola Lancetta, Italy director of Enel; Francesca Jarri, Technical Director, R&D & Digital at Eni; Leonardo’s Senior Vice President of Digital Infrastructure, Carlo Cavazzoni; Giuseppe Cola, CEO of OpenFiber and Eugenio Santagada, TIM’s Director of Public Affairs and Security.

A moment from the presentation of the Mimit 2023 report

the situation

According to the analysis, Europe’s limited expertise in these technological fields represents a trend that, if not urgently reversed, risks compromising its technological competitiveness and its role in future geostrategic frameworks.
Italy is not doing well, but it shows that it has considerable potential, which will be fully unleashed if it is capable of developing national excellence to drive the entire system.

During the presentation, the need to use the presence of national excellence for the development of frontier technologies emerged; Expanding the operational scale of strategic supply chains at the Italian and European level; Strengthening industrial supply chain policies, further developing the Italian and European research system, by providing adequate funding for investments in technologies; improving skills; Development of a governance framework for frontier technologies.

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“It is urgent for Italy and the EU to accelerate targeted industrial and innovation policies, taking advantage of the great potential of skills and technologies at their disposal,” explained Serra. The US, he noted, is now a “clear technological leader” and China, in contrast to what is happening on the old continent, is “directing their investments strategically”.
Serra’s call is to “use nationally the presence of excellence that is fundamental to developing frontier technologies and running the whole system”.

Urso: Law of the Artificial Intelligence Foundation in a few days

“The use of frontier technologies should not frighten us, but we must be responsible in this moment”, was the call from Minister Urso.
“It is time to define priorities and create a clear cultural plan to provide a regulatory framework capable of stimulating economic growth on the one hand and protecting human rights on the other,” he added. , in the next few days the Prime Minister’s Decree on the Law of the Foundation for Artificial Intelligence of Turin is expected to be approved “in order to be effective at the beginning of next year”.
“From 2024, our country will have the first law on artificial intelligence, blockchain, quantum computing and all emerging technologies, which will be fully compatible with the European AI law. To ensure a high level of protection of health, safety, fundamental rights, democracy and the rule of law, humanitarian and We want to work in Europe and around the world to promote the adoption of reliable artificial intelligence,” he said.
“We will bring this paradigm to every place – concludes Minister Urso – even within the Italian-led G7: one of the thematic topics of the summit is the use of artificial intelligence for more advanced manufacturing processes”.

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