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I dubbi di Nikita Pelizon e l

Suspicions of Nikita Pelizon and the help of Patricia Rossetti – Big Brother VIP

“I don’t feel well” he claims NikitaWhile Patrizia Arranges the treasury. “Did something bother you tonight?” The important person asks her and the model admits: “Today I went in the loop a little bit”.

Her ideas are varied, scattered, and divided between the relationship she lives with a man outside the home and the public’s approval of her choice as her favourite. Audience choice honors her, Pamela is an icon, Antonella has a lot of followers, she wasn’t expecting all this affection.

Among the various planes brought home, one, today, was Nikita’s, sent by fans. Weeks ago, he received an airmail from the mysterious man himself. Not having heard of her, not knowing what she thought of the experience or whether she had met someone else, throws the VIP into an abyss of confusion.

Patricia tries to help her untangle her explanations and lighten the fog of ideas by offering some clarity: “In a few weeks, after sending the plane back to you, he can’t change his mind.”.

But then, Nikita revealed another suspicion: her relationship with George It is pure friendship, his brother reminds him. Playing, talking and living this experience with tiktoker has no trace of malice. even kiss with Danielduring an appetizing game, it’s pure fantasy. “Displays” As Patrizia knows him. However, Nikita admits her fear of distorting a lot of things.

Missing aircraft or suspicions would be unjustified if they were due to jealousy of George: the model would not want to consider this vision.

Moreover, the model admits to the announcer that the guy was going to tell her that if she continued to watch TV, he might not stay by her side. “I do not like this” Unequivocally confirms Patrizia who repeats to him Nikita. “If someone loves you, they must accept all your choices.” The presenter continues.

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Rossetti asks her not to give up any opportunity in life, whether it is television, entertainment or art: “It’s always your choice!”

Significant people trust to understand a man, to understand the innocence of relationships created by the model, to understand his enthusiasm and his beautiful energy. “This girl loves life” appreciates Patrizia, the important character looks at her and admires her, and in her words she manages to bring Nikita back to reality and bring a smile back to her face.