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Isola dei Famosi, the first name in the competition for the new edition!

Celebrity Island will return to entertain viewers next spring. Performance tests for the new edition have already begun and here the first name of a potential castaway has been leaked.

Among the certainties of the schedule Mediaset For 2023 there is no doubt Celebrity Island Lucky reality show that he will see Elari Place At the helm for the third time in a row. Tests to choose the new untouchables I officially began, and with them, the first stray on qualified candidates. Here’s a spoiled first name!

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after farewell Francesco TottiAnd the Elari Place She completely disappeared from the small screen and there were rumors that she was planning to take a year off. A period away from the spotlight to start studying again or to devote herself. Television abstinence, however, will not include the seventeenth edition ofFamous Island. Not surprisingly, the showgirl’s last public appearance was dated during the course of the remainder of the match in Honduras. the magazine today, Recently, he confirmed that Blasey’s existence is not in question and that the credit goes primarily to her friend and colleague. Silvia TovanenWhich urged Elari not to abandon the reins of transmission.

The presenter’s return, at the moment, is the only certainty regarding the next version of Celebrity Island. Envoy will be beloved again two thousand? and who will be opinion makers In the studio? wait for progress Officers, let’s find out who could be the first outcast!

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Isola dei Famosi, are you the first official outcast?

As I mentioned Biccy.itthe first official competitor to the new version ofFamous Island An old acquaintance of the reality show could be: Diane Melo. The Brazilian model actually participated in the program in 2017, but only stayed in Honduras for a week. He was, in fact, the first to be eliminated. He definitely had more luck in GF VIP 5Where she managed to reach the final by taking the fourth place.

at recent days gossip Who wanted the 33-year-old back to the most spying house in Italy. The person in question categorically denied the rumor, but, nevertheless, he might be willing to give Honduras a second chance. Here is what was expected Gabriel Barbiglia to me People’s House.

Contacted Dayane Mello for a Big Brother Vip But, unkindly, she said she didn’t like the cast this year. He could have refused in a gentler way, never spitting on the plate on which he is eating. However – since she didn’t like the cast of Big Brother – she didn’t spare herself to say so Don’t mind taking part in L’Isola dei Famosi. So let’s not be surprised if we see Diane Melo in the cast in the next release.