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Super Green Pass with rules from December 6, 2021 in the white, yellow, orange and red zones

Super Green Pass with rules from December 6, 2021 in the white, yellow, orange and red zones

The Super Green Pass has been in effect in Italy since Monday, December 6 (currently January 15, 2022) to prevent Govt infections and new closures. In the enhanced certification, which offers no vaccine-free drastic measures, there are different rules for those who have been vaccinated or cured of covid from the white zone, yellow, orange and red zone. From Monday, after the Friuli-Venice Giulia, South Tyrol will also change color. Apart from these two regions in the Yellow Zone, the rest of Italy is in the White Zone. But there are other areas that transcend or approach the boundaries of the band’s passage: we talked about them. who.

Super Green Pass and new rules from Monday, December 6th

Therefore, from Monday, December 6, the green pass will be doubled: there will be a reinforcement that will only be given to those who have been vaccinated or cured, and a base (valid for 48 hours) that will be given to those who do molecular swap (valid for 72 hours) or antigenic (antigenic). Those who already have a valid green pass for vaccination or recovery do not need to download the new certificate because the Verification C19 application will recognize its validity. Also, from Monday, December 6, the basic green pass will be required to enter the subway, board buses, board regional trains, and travel long-distance vehicles (aircraft, ships, intercity and altitude). High speed trains, cable cars, cable cars, ski lifts). Exceptions are only for subjects under 12 years of age and subjects exempt from the vaccination campaign.

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To travel domestically, you do not need a Super Green Pass, which is valid during the holidays (i.e. from December 6 to January 15, when a reinforced Green Pass is required for services such as white area, cinema and restaurant) or thereafter. The exception is ski lift case on ski slopes: in white and yellow areas they require simple green pass, one reinforced in orange area. Super Green Pass is also accepted in the white area. For ongoing activities – indoor bars and restaurants, sports facilities, concerts, parties, discos and public events – a vaccine or covid recovery will be required, and a negative swap will suffice to get to work.

Super Green Pass duty is not about the entrance to the hotel or eating at the hotel. It is enough if the hotel has a basic green pass for guests. Similarly, Federalberg points out that hoteliers can easily access the hotel’s restaurant, bar, health center and swimming pool by showing a simple green certificate. As for the masks, it is obligatory to keep them indoors in the White Zone, but many cities return to duty outside of the Christmas season, especially on the central and commercial streets. In the yellow zone it is mandatory both outdoors and indoors.

Access to shows and sporting events, festivals and restaurants in the Yellow Zone is restricted to those who have already been vaccinated for less than 6 months or who have been vaccinated within the previous 12 months and are not temporary. Naturally, as foretold until now, it is obligatory to wear a mask on the outside. Restrictions and restrictions do not apply if passing through the orange zone, but only those with reinforced green pass holders can access the functions. Those who have joined the vaccination campaign (even without a third dose) or those who have recovered from the cove can access all of those rooms and services, even if their area of ​​residence turns yellow or orange. Restrictions on movements and closures for everyone in the Red Zone (not just No Vox).

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