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He has not been to work for 15 years: a civil servant has been slapped

He has not been to work for 15 years: a civil servant has been slapped

Talking about an example of not appearing is a real flaw Salvador Schumacher, A 66-year-old man who, despite receiving a regular salary, never goes to work over the age of 15.

A story that does not cut into words, the person involved in its responsibilities after completing its investigations was examined not only by the staff of the Buclisi Ciacio Hospital, but also by his superiors by the office of the Attorney General of Catanzaro. , Responsible for never taking action against him.

Overall, at the conclusion of the investigation by Cardia de Finanza, there are seven subjects in the suspects’ record, such as office abuse, fraud and extortion. In addition to the aforementioned Salvador Schumas, staff, officers and managers at the same hospital were also involved: they were, to be precise, 66-year-old Nino Gridelli, 53-year-old Antonio Mole, 64-year-old Vittorio Brezanne, 62-year-old Dominico Canino and 68-year-old Lorena. Witto.

According to Schumas, men from the Economic and Financial Police Division were found working in 2005 working at the Fire Emergency Operations Center (COI) at Cantanzaro Hospital. The 66-year-old was already part of the hospital staff. Taking on the new role, he never went to work 15 years, Despite receiving a regular monthly salary, brought a total of 538 thousand euros into his pockets. An assurance obtained by investigators by analyzing records of attendance and duty changes and by questioning certain work colleagues and human superiors. Going back more than 15 years through his absence behavior, the protagonist of the story, the reconstruction of the investigators, the extortion activities, would often have been carried out even with the intervention of third parties.

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For example, in 2005, As announced Ambassador, “The most famous person” He would have presented himself to the office of the then head of the fire emergency center to instruct him to refrain from reporting. Absent behavior The accused is to his superiors. The same way it works with defendants Nino Gretelli (meanwhile his predecessor at the top of the coyote) and pro-interim managers in the HR office (i.e. Maria Pia de Vitto and Vittorio Brezanne): none of them report the abuses committed by the accused. When the hospital launched an campaign against Schumacher in 2020, members Brokerage Who should have assessed the condition of the 66-year-old (i.e. other defendants Dominico Canino, Commission Chairman Antonio Mole and Laura Fontacaro), despite clear evidence of misconduct, assessed the inconsistency of the components to proceed with the employee, and only then fired.