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“Old man with dementia”: A statement that embarrasses Biden.  The President of the United States responds, but then makes another mess

“Old man with dementia”: A statement that embarrasses Biden. The President of the United States responds, but then makes another mess

Joe Biden Retained and voluntarily disclosed A wide variety of products While he was a private citizen, including papers on the military and foreign policy Afghanistan and other important national security matters, but he should not be indicted because it would be difficult to convince a jury to convict him. The reason? It is a man old people cheater Small memory. This is the conclusion of the special counsel's report Robert how. A US President can breathe a sigh of relief Piano Department of JusticePolitical-Election One suffers a Double Shame on you. He cannot attack his rival during election campaign Donald Trump For the Mar-a-Lago Assorted Card Process. Above all, he must try to convince the public — even among Democratic voters — that he is not old enough to lead America.

In fact, Biden immediately called a meeting Press conference Harin's report should be answered. “The special counsel concluded that I did not No offense With assorted cards. I have cooperated With justice, rather Trump He lied Not cooperating.” “There My memory is good” and if there are any errors, it is “I testified Five hours On October 8 and 9, two days after the attack Hamas Against Israel, therefore in a midst International crisis“, Biden defended himself. Which he immediately did Another one Cafe. He said this during the press conference Abdel Fattah al-Sisi as “leader Mexico”, and noEgypt which. “You know, I think initially President Al-Sisi of Mexico didn't want to open the Rafah crossing to allow humanitarian supplies into the Gaza Strip,” Biden said. This is not the first time Biden has confused the two leaders. Last Sunday, in fact, he exchanged the French president Emmanuel Macron With the former French president Francois Mithrone. However, yesterday, he talked about the G7 in 2021 Helmut KohlAt the height of this era Angela Merkel Not the late German chancellor.

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The investigation into Biden began in late 2022 after the FBI found out A top secret document His Garage at home Wilmington and in the private office of a Washington think tank. The President gave his full support to the investigation and was interviewed, but several disturbing circumstances emerged from the investigation. For example, the Poor security Who were they with? saved Documents to be supplied to the National Archives. Biden could not have been prosecuted as a sitting president, but in his report the special counsel says he would not have recommended it anyway.Accusations against himFor various reasons. This includes the fact that Biden may present himself to a jury as “an empathetic, well-intentioned, older man” in a trial. A bad memory“.

Commenting on the President's memory, Harr said in one, “I don't remember when it was Vice President, forgetting when his mandate ended”, when it began in another. He also said, “Even after many years, he doesn't remember. When his son Beau died“. The American president responded harshly on this matter: “How dare you talk about this? Obviously, I thought that when he asked me. It's none of his business. I don't need anyone to remind me when my son died. Later, he told reporters, “My memory is good. Look at what I've done since I was president. None of you thought I could do what I did. Again: “I'm a man of good will. And I'm an old man. SOr what I do. I was president and I put this country back on its feet. Trump Meanwhile, he has already gone on the attack: “This case is an affront to the justice system Double standard And the tests against me were selective and Unconstitutional! Biden's case is 100 times different and more extreme than mine.”

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