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Milan, first Saturday without protest in center

Milan, first Saturday without protest in center

The center of the first Saturday after twenty weeks Milano He did not see any demonstrations, he did not hear green pass, vaccination and anti-government screams, whistles and slogans. In fact, the first riot took place before July 24 last. Today, Saturday 4 December, there is actually no unauthorized resistance in the Duomo, perhaps the temperature has dropped significantly. Or the fierce fist of the police who immediately dipped any attempt to engage in the protest into the bud.

The protesters were trapped inside the bud

Some pass no e No Vox In fact they tried to meet at the Piazza Duomo to create unrest, but public order officials immediately intervened and stopped them. Some activists, a few dozen, sometimes even forcibly, came to the area in armored vehicles as they tried to revolt, and the mobile office of the police headquarters identified them. Some activists who came to the center today to provoke an illicit protest found themselves in front of an unreal wall made up of riot-wearing agents, who pushed them towards the corner between the Museo del Nocendo and the Palazzo Real. Accurately identified. At first 3 of them refused to disclose their personal details to the police and were later arrested by the police. Eventually, 6 people who occupied the urban areas were found and fined. Another person was fined in Piazza Scala for not using face protection in this case.

Identify 200 people

A total of 202 people have been identified, 7 of whom will be reported for protesting to a public official and refusing to provide their personal details, according to a drawing by Milan Police Headquarters in connection with the Green Pass protest in Milan. Thirty-four people were allowed to occupy urban areas, and six without masks were allowed. 30 removal orders were issued and 4 notices were sent to begin the process of issuing the same number. Taspo Urban. The device, manufactured by Police Commissioner Petronci, was able to prevent an unannounced No Green Pass event at the Piazza Duomo this afternoon. The state police, Arma de Carabinieri, Guardia de Finance and the local police were all scattered around the square, making it possible for large numbers of people who had come for Christmas shopping to move freely around the city center.

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Approved procession

This afternoon, in another part of the city of Milan, in the Arco della Basil, no other Vox enthusiasts, more or less seventy, have formed a standard garrison, this time approved by the Milan Police Headquarters. There is no public order problem here either. Another recognized march began shortly before 16:00, with 500 protesters gathering near the Palazzo Lombardia, the seat of the Regional Council. The Procession It started as part of the National No Tracky Day initiative organized by CUBs and headed towards Piazza Scala, where the event ended at 5:30 pm. Meanwhile, action has been taken today to avoid crowds for Christmas shopping: the entrances to the Galleria Vitorio Emanuel in Milan are limited.

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