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Super Cup Serie C, Barry Sudterol 1-2.  Kasiraghi decisive

Super Cup Serie C, Barry Sudterol 1-2. Kasiraghi decisive

BarryBarry is coming up de Erico Then reassembled in the second half of de col And Casiraghi.

the match

first chance to Sudetrolclose to the feature with Zaro This freeman in second place from the header wasn’t able to beat him powder. Great reboot of Barry With bad which extends to the right Malamo Whoever wins the bottom, finds the cross next to the center Cimmery Who tries to play but doesn’t hit the ball well. Shot from the edge of the area Financial That after turning, it hits a wood door powder which looked defeated. Restart Barry by Cimmerywhich is centered with the right and attempts a shot from the edge that only touches the left post apple trees. at 33 minutes Barry forward with de Erico Who sent a stone from a distance towards the first post that left no way out a apple trees. So the first half ends with Barry Forward 1-0.

the other half

immediately Moscati With a great result, she hits the crossbar and returns to the field. post hit post Sudetrol. In the 51st minute, the well-deserved toss will come Sudetrol With de col Who with a long-range shot from the right wing found the 1-1 high angle. The Barry Try to interact with it Giglioti Who performs a low free kick by finding a distance between two players Sudetrol In the barrier, the ball ends up to the side after deflecting. Chance for guests at 65 minutes: Moscati Need great help for Venetoti This is face to face with powder Incredibly send. at 72 minutes Sudetrol in the lead. Crossing from the right bruh who finds Casiraghi He coordinates and kicks perfectly on the fly beating Polverino who was unable to turn down the score, 1-2. At 85′ a wonderful left-handed conclusion Antinucci Who found excellent diving except for the South Tyrol goalkeeper. still Antinucci That after an opponent jumped with a dry trick he tried again to turn the ball that had ended a little to the side of the goal apple trees. ends 1-2, with Sudetrol Who shovels San Nicolas.

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