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"The season for Locatelli and McKinney is over"

“The season for Locatelli and McKinney is over”

Excited for the Champions League goal

“Tomorrow we have to return to victory in our stadium, and get closer to the sporting qualification in the Champions League. We lose 4 points, tomorrow we have to top the top three even if we are going to play against a team with desire. For revenge and with a new manager without underestimating the team. The opponent Who deserves respect. We must succeed in not compromising a goal.”

Delighted by Ken’s performance

“Kane never scores trivial goals, he always scores decisive goals, tomorrow I will assess whether he starts from the first minute or in the current match. He is in good physical and mental health, and I am happy with what he is doing.”

Excited about potential job opportunities for young people

“It was a tough start, we are also doing well physically, and we have to finish well to lay the foundations for what this year’s work has been. Tomorrow I can bring in some young players because there are some missing players. On the other hand, even those on loan, we will do the assessments in end of the season “.

Excited about missed opportunities

“I would like to play the Champions League again, and to think locally about what we did, but let’s wait for these last 20 days, let’s get the points we need to come back and let’s play the Coppa Italia.”

Excited about Juventus’ future plans

“In the past 10 years, Juventus have won a lot, played important champions, we must try to win again as soon as possible starting next year, at least fighting until the last day, because if they don’t, they will fight a bit. In Italy, there is A tendency to bring down coaches overnight, it is not easy to give time as Liverpool did with Klopp, who has proven to be very good, successful and likable.”

Allegri talks about Juventus’ seasonal injuries

“The muscle injuries were average, and the traumatic injuries were the ones that had the biggest impact on our season. It says a lot about what the team has done, and what we have to do from now to the end: even in an emergency. Good, with character and a desire to get the result.”

Rejoiced at the circumstances of Arthur, Danilo, Cuadrado, Locatelli and McKinney

“Arthur is available tomorrow, Danilo has rested for two days and will return this morning to train with the team, he will need to rest, but he will play tomorrow. It is almost certain that Cuadrado will be back with Genoa. It is unlikely that Locatelli and McKinney will recover before the end of the season“.

Allegri in the Italian Cup final with Inter

“We don’t have an advantage over Inter because we always have to play with the same players, because they have, we can’t do any target change at the moment.”

Allegri on the race for third place

“The league tells us that there is no absolute master of competition, which is also good because everything is unexpected. Napoli. And they finished third, but let’s remember that they were fighting for the Scudetto until last week.”

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