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Suarez case, proceedings suspended in Parachi تعليق

Suarez case, proceedings suspended in Parachi تعليق

for every Juliana Grego Poli, the former rector of the University of Perugia for Foreigners, and three other suspects (then-Director-General Simon Oliveri, Professor Stefania Spina and lawyer Maria Cesarina Turco) asked The indictment in the Suarez case and the investigation into the “farce” The Italian who was supported by the Atletico Madrid player in September last year. The presumed crimes are the crimes of ideological falsehood and the disclosure and use of official secrets. The introductory session has been scheduled for September 28.

Is Suarez’s exam really comical?

University of Perugia “injured limb”

Moreover, from the work with which the investigating judge of Perugia fixed the hearing, it appears thatThe University of Perugia for Foreigners is the “injured party” in the proceedings. Among the various sources of evidence, the Public Prosecutor of Perugia refers, among other things, to the interrogation report of Lorenzo Rocca, Suarez’s investigator, whose position has already been established. Then there is all the investigative activity carried out by the Guardia di Finanza, with Information, annotations and reports, as well as wiretapping and environmental.

Paratici and Chiappero . procedures suspended

On the other hand, and based on the provisions of Article 371 bis of the Penal Code, the case against the former director of Juventus Sports Club has been discontinued. Fabio Paratici And a lawyer for the Juventus club itself Luigi ChapiroUnder investigation for providing false information to the Public Prosecutor. So the public prosecutor in the capital, Umbrian, has not made any official request at the moment.

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