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Anterselva ranks fourth in Bois


yesterday – TQQ in Merano: Tris 3-7-5, €24.22 for 428 winners, fee with rit. (No. 8) 7.26 euros; Quarté 3-7-5-6, €88.02 for 196 winners, €6.55 QAR; Quinté 3-7-5-6-12, €2204.32 for two winners.

France – In yesterday’s horse race in Chantilly among the Bois foals, Anterselva took an excellent fourth place (in the picture), which was also in its sixth race in three months: Fast Company of the TBA, led by Gianluca Pittolini, led well over the distance after the great speed imposed on the race by the British stock Atomic Force, which scattered opponents in 1.10 .39. In Diane, the French Oaks, confused in the group of Italians Sirona and Omnia Munda, finishes 10th and 15th: the victory went to Joan of Arc, and again Loritz Mendesabal to ride for Colmore as on the occasion of Paul. Des Poulin and the Jockey Club won St Mark’s Cathedral.

Yesterday’s run in Chantilly: Prix du Bois (Group 3, €80,000, 1,200 points per day) 4. Anterselva; Prix ​​de Diane (Group 1, €1,000,000, 2,100m) 10. Sirona, 15. Omnia Munda Mundis. Yesterday gallop to Montauban: Maiden (€9,500, €2,250) 4. Joshua’s soul; Conditional (11,000 euros, 2250 m) 7. Alkaline. Yesterday’s hitches at Corlay: modal ferm (13,000 €, m. 3900 steeple). volunteer. Yesterday moved to La Capelle: Course E (€24,000, 2750m) 3. Ishtar Line 16.8. Yesterday a jog to Cherbourg: course F (15,000 euros, m. 2625-2650) 4. Dominance 16.7. Today gallop to Saint Cloud: Handicap (€50,000, 1,600m) Timgad Saga, Sandissim; Virgo (€27000, 1400 m²) Super Khalil; Disability (19,000 euros, m 2100) Graziana; Handicap (€25,000, m. 1,600m) Baby Knife Today Obstacles in Compiegne: air-conditioned (€50,000, m. 3900 tower) Kapjahr; Conditional (€45,000, m. 3600 hedge) First Daum, Prince d’Orage.

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Sweden / 1 – trot yesterday in Eskilstuna: E3 Uttagningslopp-Ston (200,000 kronor, m. 2140) 7. Chloé degli Dei 13.3. Today I jogged in Halmstad: (66.500 kronor, 2140 m) Chicca DegliUlivi; (66500 SEK, 2680-2660-2640) Apollo Rick; (66,500 kronor, 2,640 m) Beowulf Play, Poldburg; (66500 SEK, d. 2140) Barcella Borlon.

Sweden / 2 – In preparation for the Aby Stora Pris, with No. 1 and Jorma Kontio at Cokstile surly, he will return to play on Sunday at Kalmar in Kalmarsundspokalen (330,000 kroner, m. driving Magnus Djuse, against notable opponents such as Lucifer Lane, Heart of Steel and the scabbard race).

Germany -Yesterday in Hanover, Mickey Cadido got almost double 30/1 (14 in 2021), in sheer beauty and second look

Spain – Marco Monterisso was appointed as the first rider by Schuluza Scuderia of Fausto Lovatelli, who for some time entrusted his horses to Massimiliano Tellini and Michela Augelli for M&M racing. Monterisso won’t stay flat at Zarzuela, but he will go back and forth with Italy for the most important jobs and for every race in which the Schuluzha standard holders compete. Shosholoza is currently based on aging Port Grimaud and Costa Esmeralda and on the 3-year-old plot, to which another 3-year-old Cover Drive has been added, a recently purchased Mukhadram in England. Monteriso recently finished second with Port Grimaud in the Urquijo GP, the main Spanish event for runners.

United States of America – Victory yesterday in Santa Anita for Umberto Rispoli (72 in 2021), with Borgo Alli in the “first special weight”.

Milan – After American Bridge of France, two German wives also announced their Jubilee Prize (Group 3, €64,350, m 2000p) on Sunday at San Siro: Dia and one between the Styx and Daring Light.

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