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"I want to bring the European final to Rome"

“I want to bring the European final to Rome”

We are working for the finals in RomeWhile Roberto Mancini’s Italy squad has taken the pass to the Round of 16 of Euro 2020, where they face Austria at Wembley, Prime Minister Mario Draghi, speaking at the press conference, assumes a dramatic change of scenery. UEFA said it was not considering excluding London as the only venue for the Final Four From the first European traveler in history. However, the surge in the delta variant infection of coronavirus in the UK, however, the country that first experienced the quality of vaccines with a sharp drop in infections, is now facing a situation of difficult management which can be precipitated in a few days. Here, then, is where Italy enters: After all, Rome baptized Kermes, with the opening match between our selection and Turkey. Who knows that the Olympic may not, in extreme cases, also become the scene of the last act of the event.

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Draghi: “Do not play in countries where the infection is growing rapidly”

Merkel to Draghi: “Italians are playing well”

No big binary problems ثنائية That we have to discuss, perhaps the only question is to ask our national football teams. We have different attitudes but we are both loyal and The Italians play well. Even in football we are harmonious, We both think Atalanta’s Goosins is an excellent player“. Chancellor Angela Merkel says so In a joint press conference with Mario Draghi he confirmed, with a joke, the rivalry in football between Italy and Germany just as Europeans have come to the heart.

Merkel: "No problem with Draghi except for football"

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Merkel: “There are no problems with Draghi except football”

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