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Stunning new images of the moon from Chandrayaan-3 have been released!

Stunning new images of the moon from Chandrayaan-3 have been released!

On August 27, Rover Bragyan A member of India’s Chandrayaan mission encountered a small crater on the surface of the moon with a diameter of 4 meters while taking high-resolution images

On August 27th rovers Bragyan I encountered a small crater 4 meters in diameter while exploring the area near a site Landing on the moon for the automatic station Chandrayaan-3. A command was sent to the small self-propelled vehicle to change course to avoid entering the crater. Here are the great pictures of it.turn aroundFilmed from the surface of our moon.

The rim of the small crater (4 meters in diameter) discovered on August 27, 2023 From Rover Braggian. Credit: isro
Footprints Rover Bragyan while performing “around” to avoid the hole he was heading towards. Credit: isro

Some information on our satellite

Its radius is 1,737 km. The width of the moon is less than a third of the width of the moon Land It orbits at an average distance of 384,400 km from our planet. This means that 30 Earth-sized planets can fit between the two celestial bodies. The moon rotates around itself at the same speed as it revolves around the Earth (synchronous rotation): It is for this reason that the same hemisphere is always visible.


The change in lighting is the reason why, from our point of view, the Moon goes through phases. During a full moon, the hemisphere of the moon that we can see from Earth is full Sunlit. And the “new moon” occurs when the visible hemisphere is completely in shadow. The moon makes a complete revolution around the earth 27 Earth days. Meanwhile, the Earth also rotates on its axis as it orbits the sun: for this reason, our satellite appears to orbit us every 29 days.

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