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Strong hurricane during the week until about summer Saturday, temperatures in some areas!

Strong hurricane during the week until about summer Saturday, temperatures in some areas!

After the brisk cold foray last weekend, we’ll be back to breathe the spring air fully over the entire peninsula, thanks to the strengthening of the vast high pressure field in the heart of the Mediterranean.

The sky is clear over most of the box, while temperatures remain in between 17 and 22 degrees Celsius. The peak of the equinox will come during the week, especially between Thursday and Saturdaywhen warmer North African air flows across the Mediterranean.
The person responsible for this African heat contribution would be a hurricane that would appear in the western Mediterranean, the same hurricane that would release currents from the south toward Italy that is very rich in desert dust.

During the week we’ll get a taste of the usual late spring temperatures, and in some areas we’ll be able to talk about the usual early summer temperatures! It would be easy to record extreme temperatures between the main islands, on the Tyrrhenian side and in the mid-west of the Po Valley. 25 and 27 degrees Celsiuswith scattered peaks of 28°C! Slightly cooler in the regions of the Adriatic, where the mercury settles between them 19 and 23 degrees Celsius.

Thursday and Friday It will undoubtedly be the hottest day of the week. The maximum values ​​on Friday are eloquent:

Saturday We will still have a temperate climate but temperatures will drop a few degrees due to new intrusions from the Balkans.

The hypothermic will surely become fuller in a day Easter Holidaydue to the exciting cold of the monsoon holiday that will bring cool, strong winds and even some heavy rain or thunderstorms.

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middle and south The areas most affected, as indicated by the expected temperatures, will be much lower than in previous days (Read more here).