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Stoves and Stoves: A Great Danger to Human Health and the Environment, Sima Warning

In recent days, statements from Sima have been released regarding the potential risks to human health and the environment caused by the use of stoves and stoves. Here’s everything you need to know.

Due to sharp increases in gas prices, many Italian families have chosen stoves and fireplaces to heat the rooms of their homes. However, as shown by the data collected by the Italian Society of Environmental Medicine (CIMA), these alternative sources of heating would cause a sharp increase in air pollution levels, creating serious risks for the environment and our health. Here is all the data on it.

Stoves and stoves are a health hazard – canva

With the advent of cold weather, heating in Italian homes began to be turned on. However, the increase in gas prices has led to stoves and stoves being preferred over traditional boilers.

However, heating our homes by burning wood seems to be very polluting. In fact, really alarming data has come out on the rate of pollution from the use of stoves and stoves. In fact, wood-burning stoves and boilers seem to be among the heating systems that pollute the most. They may harm the air quality outside but also inside our homes, seriously endangering our health.

Stoves and stoves hazardous to the environment and health: Sima alert

Cima (Italian Society of Environmental Medicine) has been interested in publishing data on the risks of using stoves and fireplaces. Based on the calculations made, it will appear that “…in Italy traditional open stoves emit 3679 tons of Pm10 into the atmosphere every year, 2401 tons in closed fireplaces. On the other hand, wood burning stoves emit 2651 tons of PM10”. Just as confirmed by Cima President Alessandro Miani.

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The president also spoke about the dangers of the materials emitted from the stoves, describing them as extremely dangerous to the environment and thus to human health. Suffice it to say that among the main substances emitted from stoves and wood-burning stoves, in addition to fine particles, polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons (PAHs), substances classified as carcinogenic by the International Institute for Cancer Research, will also be emitted into the atmosphere.

Health risks caused by stoves and heaters
Health risks caused by stoves and fireplaces – canva

In short, goosebumps data can signify more than one suspicion of a preferred heating system. In any case, if you really can only use a fireplace to heat the rooms in your home, it is best to choose an enclosed fireplace. Also, it is essential to remember to use it properly. Therefore, take care to remove the ash frequently and use dry and good quality wood.