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Starfield: Video performance issues are not present in the game, says Digital Foundry

Starfield: Video performance issues are not present in the game, says Digital Foundry

And based on what we can see in the video clip of the tweet below, Digital Foundry said the little ones Performance issues which appears to have emerged from the videos of the starfield Effective way They don’t exist in the final.

British column editors play the game and get one Special grant from Bethesda (A kind of “papal concession,” as Richard Ledbetter jokingly states in the video) To report at least these are first impressions of the tests that have been performed on Starfield.

In fact, Digital Foundry has remained skeptical about the performance stability of Starfield by analyzing gameplay videos and videos, which show subtle stuttering phenomena and The frame rate dropsHowever, these issues seem to be video-only, possibly due to older versions, and are not present in the final game.

Digital Foundry is testing Starfield

While we await a more in-depth analysis, in the meantime we welcome what has been reported in these first impressions from Digital Foundry, which communicates with a certain certainty that the suspicions that seem to have arisen from previous Starfield videos are due to some gameplay capture issues or inconveniences. Older builds.

The final game, currently under consideration by several editors and due to expire on August 31st, does not seem to have these problems and has compelling performances, although we will clearly have to wait for more in-depth analysis in this regard.

It recently emerged that Starfield can support NVIDIA DLSS, as there is no ban from AMD and modders will be able to add entire planets.

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