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How to send a fake location via WhatsApp: The genius trick


In WhatsApp it is possible to send a fake location with a few very simple steps: this trick can be useful in different situations.

WhatsApp needs no introduction as it is the most used messaging service in the world. Millions of users on the platform know very well how this service makes it possible to manage communications as one sees fit. This includes a trick that allows you to submit a fake position.

The trick to send a fake location on WhatsApp –

Over time, the Meta development team has added new options to the service. The continuous work of developers allows users to have a simpler and more modern experience. Among these options we also have A trick we can use in different situations.

Sharing your location allows others to reach you very easily. However, sometimes we may want to submit a site that does not correspond to reality. This is possible with a simple trick: let’s get into the details.

The trick of sending a fake location on WhatsApp

Technology is a vast world, which guarantees surprises practically every day. The world of WhatsApp consists of many functions that are not always known, for example there is the possibility of sending a fake location to one or more contacts. An ingenious trick that can be very useful.

The trick is to share a fake location on WhatsApp
How to share a fake location on WhatsApp –

To take advantage of this amazing opportunity we must Open a WhatsApp chatpress the + key and select the optionposition. Here it will open A screen with a map and a small square below it Which helps us to share the real location. The square should not be touched and must be closed to give us the possibility to interact with the map.

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Once After scrolling down the list, we will be able to manually enter an address or move the position. Once we send the situation to the person we’re interacting with, they’ll think we’re in that specific area even if our location is actually quite different.

this Makeup, in addition to being very easy to apply, is also very useful for telling a joke or hiding something. In short, it is a very small and simple WhatsApp option that guarantees a certain and guaranteed result. But the service provided by the application provides many other options and recently, again thanks to the continuous work of the developers, these options have increased with some An amazing novelty that has dramatically changed the use of the app.


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