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Standard Time 2023, Tonight We Change: Advice Against Insomnia

Standard Time 2023, Tonight We Change: Advice Against Insomnia

Regular hours will resume tonight. At 3 o’clock the hands move back one hour and return to 2 o’clock.This means we get 60 minutes more sleep, but one hour less light. Regular time will continue until Sunday, March 31, 2024, when daylight savings time will return. However, adjusting to the time change can be very difficult for some people.

12 million Italians are at risk of insomnia

The time change adds to the strain on some 12 million Italians, who are forced to move the clocks back an hour due to anxiety, nervousness, mood swings, headaches and muscle tension. Coldredetti backs this up, underlining that a key contribution to a smooth transition from summer can come from dietary habits.

Coldretti’s advice is to eat all foods that promote sleep: bread, pasta and rice, but also spinach, radicchio, garlic and fresh cheeses, boiled eggs, warm milk and sweet fruit. Instead – Goldretty always underlines – curry, pepper, pepper, pepper and salt richly processed foods, canned foods and soups with stock cubes make it more difficult to sleep.

Nutrition – Coldiretti – reports – closely related to sleep, in fact, it is difficult to sleep when fasting or not full, but in cases of overeating, especially with heavy meals or exciting substances. Coldretty has drawn up a handbook of helpful foods to promote good sleep and avoid pillow jet lag, such as chocolate, cocoa, tea and coffee.

Foods to Avoid and Foods to Help You Sleep

First of all – Coldretti warns – it is necessary to avoid foods with excess sodium at dinner, so curry, pepper, pepper and foods with an abundance of salt should be prohibited, as well as pretzels and foods with cooking cubes. Canned foods should be avoided because of their excess sodium and preservatives.

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However, there are foods – Goldretti highlights – that will help you relax: firstly pasta, rice, barley, bread and tryptophan, an amino acid that promotes the synthesis of serotonin, which promotes the neuroscience of well-being and well-being. A brain neurotransmitter that induces relaxation. Legumes, boiled eggs, meat, fish, fresh cheeses are good for dinner. Serotonin is boosted by eating foods that contain simple sugars, such as sweet seasonal fruits.

Among vegetables – Goldretti still remembers – spinach comes first, followed by red radicchio and garlic, because of their strong sedative properties that help sleep, but pumpkin, turnips and cabbage. A glass of warm milk before going to bed, which reduces gastric acidity and disturbs sleep, allows the organs to enter the circulation during digestion, fresh cheeses and yogurt products promote good sleep. Reduce insomnia and anxiety. And finally – Coldiretti ends – a good dessert full of simple carbohydrates has an anti-stress effect, as well as sweet infusions with honey and herbal teas create an atmosphere of relaxation and happiness that soothes the mind.