Monday, July 22, 2024

Draghi weight spread unknown


The author of Il Giornale noted that the difference in interest rates on our public debt is widespread compared to the average of other euro countries. After the press conference of Prime Minister Mario Draghi on December 23.

Could this be a signal that a dangerous catastrophe is looming in Italy that could potentially create a financial crisis? The question is not strange. Unfortunately, many of the arguments make the positive answer a reality, which makes the budget legislation not valid for the next year and three years valid. For a variety of reasons: First, the omicron variant of the covid may become omega, i.e. in the final financial play. Omicron will produce a significant reduction in the GDP of all countries. An “external” reduction, i.e., by external factors that are not dependent on us. Also in Italy, due to Omicron, GDP will have a low growth rate, which can not control the effectiveness of vaccines by General Francesco Pavlo Figliulo. This low growth of all countries, at various levels, is leading to a reduction in global demand for exporters. Omigron is blocking tourists to Italy and putting the entire sector and its related industries in crisis. In addition to the choices we make to react to Omicron, “visceral” factors are included.

If drastic measures are taken, the whole area will be in crisis, but infections will decrease and by the middle of 2022 we will be out of the tunnel. If the crisis is avoided now, the virus will spread further and there will be more problems. 2022. In both cases, 2022 GDP will decline. The cash flow of the ECB and governments paid off with a budget deficit, coupled with costly energy, creating an inflation rate of 4%. This results in a 6% increase in personal income tax because each inflation point increases the progressive tax to 1.5. The tax burden facing the latest tax rate review will also increase. We do not yet know the impact on public spending.

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But the spread has increased little by little since Tragi is in charge of the government. He was the one who saved the euro in his time. Now according to the financial markets it can save us from the financial crisis. Financial markets are built on trust in leaders, who can take whatever it takes, whatever it takes, whatever it takes. If Draghi Palazzo had been in Chiki, he would have made two historic achievements by abandoning the test of the guerrilla: saving the euro and saving us from a financial crisis.


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