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'' was born, a website dedicated to type 2 diabetes

‘’ was born, a website dedicated to type 2 diabetes

Diabetes: It’s time to go further and break down all barriers to misinformation and fake news. It is time to shed light on a disease if it sees an increase in numbers on the one hand, on the other hand, awareness is decreasing. Especially in this period when – due to the epidemic – all chronic diseases seem to have been greatly overshadowed by it. But they certainly did not disappear. That’s why Msd Italia decided to launch the site, fully dedicated to type 2 diabetes: an information tool at the service of patients and caregivers.

“To make a real difference in people’s lives – he explains Nicoletta Lupi, President and CEO of MSD Italia We must try to meet the health needs in a 360-degree angle. For diabetics and their family members, Correct information is a “need for health”, because it represents a dividing point between awareness and participation in disease management and falling into the trap of fake news and bad advisors, with damage that is impossible to predict. Always a real lesson, but more so in a period like this, where it’s more important than ever to shine a light on chronic disease. MSD Italia emphasizes, with greater conviction, the choice to stand shoulder to shoulder with patients, clinicians and institutions in the fight against misinformation. That is why we believe in the project of the website which was born after the homonymous social campaign that has supported patients in the past two years “.

“In recent years – confirms Simona Frontoni, Assistant Professor of Endocrinology at the Romanian University “Tor Vergata” And director of the Uoc Hospital for Endocrinology and Diabetes Fatebenefratelli Isola Tiberina in Rome – people have moved away from diabetes centers and, at times, even from their GP. and then Misinformation, including information related to diabetes, can lead to serious harm. However, we now know that a diabetic who is not adequately compensated is a fragile patient, even more vulnerable to Covid. This website is designed to help, in a simple and clear way, to provide the correct information and to invite the patient to always contact their doctor. Because with diabetes under control, you can live a normal life without losing your smile.”

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“It’s important to reiterate that to make a difference in people’s lives, you have to take care of them,” adds Nicoletta Lupi. “Like MSD, we do this through our innovative treatment solutions, but also by playing an active and responsible role in society. For us, the value of health is fundamental. An informed person – he emphasizes – is someone who knows how to take care of himself and his loved ones, who knows how to implement strategies Prevention, and knows how to be the champion of his treatment course.Providing the right scientific information, in simple and easy to understand language, is a challenge we take responsibly.This site was born two years after a social campaign dedicated to diabetes which joined with many other health education initiatives we have implemented in The field of cancer prevention, vaccination screening, hepatitis C control and antibiotic resistance

“It is true that patients are much more aware than in the past, even the elderly, also thanks to greater familiarity with the digital. But we cannot ignore this in recent years, and the data confirms that many chronic patients – reflecting Simona Frontone – have moved away from centers diabetes and even the doctor who refers them. During the Covid pandemic, about a third of chronically ill patients had difficulty communicating with their doctor, and one in ten had stopped contacting them.. This means compromising one’s commitment to treatments, falling into the temptation of “do it yourself” and seeking answers to one’s questions, even in everyday life, in “bad advisors”. So correct information, even through non-traditional channels, is of paramount importance. Also for general practitioners who are often the first interlocutor for patients who are confused by news on the Internet,” he concludes.

The website contains Different sections dedicated to different thematic areas: From knowledge of pathology to diagnosis and treatment. Without forgetting the useful tips to better face everyday life, from nutrition and physical activity to personal care. And finally, a section dedicated to Covid where, thanks to ‘right and wrong’, in a simple way, it is explained how vulnerable a person with diabetes – especially if it is not controlled – to the virus and how important vaccination is.