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SETTIMANA con inizio zoppicante, poi VENTI FREDDI e TEMPORALI

New week, Monday still limp, then fresh air and a rush of storms. Outlook »

Weather: New week, Monday still limp, then fresh air and a blizzard of storms. Forecasting

A week with a lame start, then cold winds and hardshipsone is waiting for us week In the name of an atmosphere that is still dynamic and characterized by an anticyclone, which will, as often happens, not only be indicative of good weather, but will also be responsible for the entry of tone block more Fresh Which will negatively affect the weather in some regions of Italy.

So let’s try to understand in detail how the weather will develop in the coming days.
The new week will open with an extension Monday 27 Still a little limp, legacy stage bad weather Arrived at the end of the weekend. So let’s expect leftovers Shower And some storms in the most remote areas the Northeast And on some sections center like on He walksAnd Umbria and part of Tuscany. Moderate volatility Instead, we’ll find it in the rest of the country, but we certainly won’t need to keep an umbrella at hand. Instead, the early ones give a signal Heavy fog Which may affect many attributes Val Badana.

Give Tuesday 28 NShigh pressure You will get closer to our country while maintaining a somewhat lopsided attitude towards the North. This position will be preferred by Wednesday 29 entrance Mass Fresh air Which will initially bring some diseases to north As interference from thunderstorms will rise, especially over the entire sector Alps NS Before the Alps And on many sections Half NS high plain Lombard.
At the same time, the rest of the country will experience a waiting phase as you give it Thursday 30 Fresh air will flow into the areas middle south Where it forms moderate Rotation hurricane No matter how able to provoke a general exacerbate. Contrast between cold air and temperature Still warm especially from our seas, it will be the basis for the development of many disease outbreak Thunderstorms Which will particularly affect the Adriatic side And a little bit of everything Twelve O’clock. Instead, it will maintain itself for a longer time stable NS Sunny time in north , On the Sardinia And in Tyrrhenian regions where higher pressure would be able to guarantee greater protection.

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So we come to the end week when Friday October 1, the higher pressure will advance further in the direction of Bill Pesey. The weather forecast we will go getting better also al South Waiting for the weekend in the name of the general atmospheric stability and with temperature All in all quite in keeping with the period.