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Spartacus project coming? –


An interesting theory spread after the report by various users Convert PlayStation Now to PlayStation Plus On Sony’s official accounts, indicating that there are ongoing maneuvers in view of the arrival Spartacus projectthe new service that should represent a kind of Sony’s response to Xbox Game Pass.

Some users have reported that their PlayStation Now subscription is now marked as PlayStation Plus in the summary of subscription services connected to their account.

Screenshot of a summary of active subscriptions posted by a user, with PlayStation Now it’s another Plus

PS Now features in terms of subscription and expiration, but everything is still reported as PlayStation Plus, with the classic name gone.

It could simply be a technical bug, which is entirely possible, but he clearly couldn’t help but think about introducing the elusive Project Spartacus, or the new subscription service that Sony plans to launch soon as well in response to the success of Xbox Game Pass. with similar characteristics. The fact that everything falls under the name PlayStation Plus, in fact, can refer to reorganization Public service, according to some insiders.

According to Jeff Grubb, for example, Spartacus will essentially be a new PlayStation Plus foundation with a file Subscribe to different levelsWhich offers various features at different prices with a strong focus on classic games. According to the reporter, PlayStation Plus will be divided into Essential, Extra, and Premium, with the prices $10 to $16 a month and on the highest is something like EA Play, with access to extended experiences of new games and the ability to download a large catalog of classic titles.

At this point, we’re waiting for any clarification from Sony: a presentation like PlayStation Showcase or State of Play will be scheduled for March, even if the current international situation has prompted the company to postpone it.

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