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South Tyrol election: result of the provincial vote.  SVP failure

South Tyrol election: result of the provincial vote. SVP failure

Bolzano – A clear and personal victory for the Northern League player Maurice fugatI am the outgoing governor of the province of Trento with full center-right support. Historic SVP defeat and siege by Italian- and German-speaking right-wing parties for a confirmed president Arno Kombacher, in the province of Bolzano. A Trentino Alto Adige emerges from the polls that is less “special” and increasingly aligned with national votes, marked by the right-wing winds that have shaken Europe: politically fractured in South Tyrol and strongly polarized in the south of the region. The Democrat-led center-left is still far from recovering Ellie Schlein.

In the last test before the European elections in June, he retained a councilor in Bolzano: in Trento he is the first party, but the coalition’s unitary presidential candidate, Francesco Walduca, confirming the most pessimistic polls, finishing 14 points below Fugati. Internal conflict is equal Meloni-Salvini Center-right. In Alto Adige the League collapsed, rejecting all outgoing councilors and being overtaken by the Italians’ leading party, the FdI. In Trentino the Melonians multiplied by ten the votes of five years before: however, in comparison with principles they fell and became the second party in the coalition, which was superseded by a league.

For Kompatscher, creating the autonomous province’s new council will be a long and difficult process. Fugati’s task at Trentino was simple and quick, for which the majority bonus was triggered: a result below the FdI’s expectations would not make him the president appointed by the Meloniers, the failure of the Northern League loser. Sergio Divina It does not compel him to enter into an agreement with a personal adversary, Jury. With historic regional parties in crisis, the cradle of autonomy, the advance of the German, Pan-Tyrolean, independent, anti-immigration and anti-Vax right is being imposed on Alto Adige, where the Italian-speaking elected representatives are collapsing. 8 to 5.

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In Trentino, autocratic divisions fueled a sovereign consensus for Fugati. Strongly loyal to Salvini, he did not hold referendums Jaya, Federica And FontanA, neighboring Northern League leaders: Despite criticizing his council and accusing him of inaction, he has increased his consensus and breached 50% of the vote. Political earthquake in Alto Adige Volkspartei drops below 40% for first time ever Kompatscher’s party never exceeded 34.5%, losing 7.4 points in five years and winning only 13 out of 35 seats.

He was also elected as an independent Hubert MessnerEthayaram Raja’s brother: Retired paediatrician, nominated as next health councillor. “My brother – he commented Reynold Messner to do A day like a sheep Roy on Radio 1 – He is a genius at his job, a great athlete and has accompanied me on many trips; He ran and showed that he is capable of winning the election”. And he added: “With more than 30 thousand votes – Hubert has proven that the Messners have credibility in South Tyrol: we have done everything to move this country forward”.

“Era of Ethnic Grouping and Exclusive Representation of German-Speaking Citizens – Says Political Scientist Gunther Pallavar – Closes permanently. The end of this monopoly, thanks to the law of autonomy, today requires the involvement of useful, but inconvenient and unpleasant partners. To secure a majority, the SVP will be forced to open up to the Italian and German right: the only alternative is a deal with Verdi and former interracial members of Team K. . “Suppression – says Kompatscher – must face everyone without prejudice, without exception. Global external factors and the hostility of the interested local media are the origin of this defeat and the extremism of the vote. However, the internal SVP case must be acknowledged, this is an element that must be decisively resolved.” C

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He is already ready for a South Tyrolean “historic reconciliation”. Alexander Urji, regional coordinator of the FdI, for the first time in the council with two elected representatives. “Our victory – he says – thanks to Meloni’s government, makes the autonomy safe. Since we are in power both in Rome and Trento, the pragmatism of the Volksparty knows that it can have better opportunities.” Surprise variable: Rebellion of local league against commissioner Maurizio PosatraImputed by Salvini, charged with a favour

The former leader of An and the resulting failure.

Center-right at Trentino and Fugati’s path was much less bumpy. The governor’s personal exploits projected center-right at 51.82%, up 4 points from 2018. The League has halved its vote in five years, but remains the first party in coalition ahead of the FdI with 13.05%. The Meloniers enter the Council for the first time with 5 seats, one point less than the Salvinians. To make a difference, with FI who is an orphan Berlusconi Fugati’s personal list fell to 2% and did not elect councilors: it got 10.72%, pushing Pattin’s autonomists to 8.1. “The message from the people of Trentino – says Fugati – is clear: they improved the five years of my government. The development of consensus makes me more responsible on a personal level: however, all the center-right parties have achieved a better result”.

The failure to overtake Meloni-Salvini from Trentino followed an agreement to hand over the vice-president post to an FdI candidate. Within ten days Fugati must keep the promise or break it: in the second case, the Melonians threaten to break both Trento and Bolzano, which exposes the regional council and the council together. “The triumph of Fugati and the center-right – political scientist Marco Brunasso – is this

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etc. to avoid crises in the province. The problem is not only in terms of autonomy and the European elections, but the unresolved crisis, even when the Democrats and the centre-left present themselves as united. Sovereign and radical regional parties are on the rise, while reformist, moderate and historically autocratic parties are disappearing.”

The race of Francesco Walduca It stops with 37.50 and 13 councilors: the center-left Democratic Party holds but does not grow, the Action Center, Italia Viva and M5S do not enter the council, the Greens, the Left and the Autonomists of Campobès do not. Go over 4 places. “We expected a better result – Valduga says – but Fugati’s victory is clear: thanks to those who voted and increasingly did not vote. We failed to make people understand the importance of territory and autonomy, we take into account Trentino, which is increasingly aligned with right-wing votes. Now it is important to check who governs us. Proposals to be made: The base is there, but the road to rebuild

The win is long to center-left”.