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Here's how China, Russia and Iran tried to interfere in the 2022 US election

Here's how China, Russia and Iran tried to interfere in the 2022 US election

Less than a year before a new election, US intelligence agencies have declassified reporting on the latest midterm elections. Beijing's efforts are increasing

A recently released US intelligence report revealed that China, Russia and Iran attempted to interfere in the 2018 midterm elections. The 2016 election they saw Donald Trump Beat and capture the White House Hillary Clinton.

“There was no actual order from foreign leaders to launch disinformation and influence campaigns,” it said. Nonetheless, US intelligence officials have identified “a diverse and growing group of foreign actors engaged in these types of operations”. Foreign actors are primarily focused on “amplifying authentic American public narratives to influence election outcomes, increase distrust in American electoral processes, and fuel sociopolitical divisions.” However, Cuba sought to weaken “American politicians running for re-election.”

The report condemns China's “increased commitment to meddling in recent election cycles.” Foreign actors responsible for such operations do not directly attempt to gain access to election infrastructure, but instead prefer to use social networks to promote an anti-American narrative and thus attempt to influence the outcome of the election.

The section related to next year's elections is almost completely covered. Only two columns are common.

First: “As foreign governments develop approaches to influence U.S. elections in 2024, they consider their previous influence efforts, current national security concerns, and the presence of candidates they consider friendly or inimical to their interests.”

The second is about Trump: “For example, in response to U.S. police operations involving the former U.S. president in August, Russian state media reported that the Democratic Party was responsible for trying to imprison the former president to prevent his re-election. That same month, a prominent commentator on Russian state television He called on the government to openly declare political support for the former US president and “not be shy about it”.

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“As barriers to entry decrease and accessibility increases globally, these influence efforts remain a challenge for our country, and an informed understanding of the problem can serve as a defense,” he opined. Avril HaynesDirector of the US Intelligence Community.