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Politician’s Insults: “I’m uh… Falcone”.  Who are the 21 arrested?

Politician’s Insults: “I’m uh… Falcone”. Who are the 21 arrested?

October 24, 2023, 10:17 am

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Palermo – A former deputy mayor was among those arrested in a raid in Trapani province. Carlo Guarano Gastonazi would have been the long arm of the capitalists within the municipality. He is now in prison for his external involvement in a mafia organization.

Crimes against Falcone and Porcellino

On May 20, 2022, marking the thirtieth anniversary of the Kebazi assassination, he blurted out: “… Falcone, Porcellino This m… of Falcone and Porcellino. A whore of suffering.” It was decided a year earlier to name the council chamber after the magistrate Antonino Caponetto, who created the anti-Mafia pool. Curano angrily said that the dead magistrate should pay the money.

In the 2018 election he would have been elected with the support of former councilor Mario Mazara A member of the Castonazi Mafia family. Thus on 23 January 2022 Mazara interrupted: “He was the councilor left of us, There is my cousin Carlo who is a councillor And also the deputy mayor… who was originally from here… then after two and a half years we did the rotation, we did the rotation and Carlo came in … “.

List of those arrested

An investigation by the Palermo DDA photographed the Trapani mafia district, formed by the families of Trapani, Valderis and Gastonazi, now without Matteo Messina Tenaro. Pietro Armando Bonanno, Mario Andrea Buzzitta, Giuseppe Costa, Santo Costa, Gaetano Gigante, Luigi Grispo, Vittorio Giuseppe Grispo, Carlo Guarano, Andrea Internicola, Francesco Lipari, Paulo were jailed for a preliminary hearing by Judge Alfred Montal. , Giuseppe Maltese, Vito Manzo, Giuseppe Maranzano, Vito Mazara, Roberto Melita, Francesco Todaro. Gaetano Barone, Mario Mazzara, Mariano Minore and Giuseppe Zichichi are under house arrest.

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October 24, 2023, 10:17 am