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Erich Jan Hanussen, Hitler's Wizard

Erich Jan Hanussen, Hitler’s Wizard

Having predicted Hitler’s ascension to the throne of Germany a year ago, he delivered many prophetic prophecies to the Nazis who over time asked him about their future, he would not change his fate, a (tragic) separation. ) with Hitler.

In the immediate post-election period, thanks to his closeness to Hitler, the communist circles could have operated boycott To Hanussen’s stardom, he published evidence of his Jewish origin. The act of character assassination will pay off: although he has recently become a Catholic, Hanussen has been expelled from the party and besieged overnight by those who had been his friends until the day before.

However, the real breaking point would have been another point. On the evening of February 24, during a divination session to entertain a large audience, he warned onlookers that he glimpsed The collapse of the Reichstag because of the fire. The fire of fate, precursor of a new era, caught fire in front of a crowd cheering for the SS. Three days later the prophecy became true and Hanussen would cost him his life.

On the morning of March 25, just under a month after the Reichstag fire, Hanussen was tricked out of his home. SA agents told him to get dressed and follow him to their car, because he would have to interrogate him. And the peasants found him dead two weeks later, on April 7, horribly disfigured, punctured by bullets, in the Stakowen Forest.

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