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Something big has hit Jupiter, and scientists want to see it clearly


Jupiter is not difficult to reach, meaning that its mass is two and a half times the mass of all the other planets in the solar system combined. So it makes sense that for an asteroid, comet, or something else, impacting such a massive object is much easier than doing it on Earth. However, the discovery of these events always attracts scientists who carefully study the consequences.

Brazilian astronomer Jose Luis Pereira chose this last engagement. It is not yet clear what caused the effect, but a bright flash was certainly seen on the surface of the planet.

“There isn’t a lot of information on the body in effect yet, but it’s likely to be big and/or fast!” The European Space Agency said on Twitter.

Heritage PicturesGetty Images

As we have said, the larger the planet, the more likely it is to be captured by moving objects in the universe. If we go back to the chronology of the impacts on Jupiter, we will find a very large catalog.

There are phenomena observed in 2018, 2016, 2012, 2010 and 2009. Certainly the most dramatic and significant impact was that of the June 1994 Comet Shoemaker-Levy which disintegrated and crashed onto the gaseous surface (it’s hard to influence in its path). formation).

Over time, we’ll likely learn more about this latest effect, which won’t reach the size of a comet in the 1990s, but will certainly be something amazing and interesting.

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