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New details about Dokebi, game world and exploration -

New details about Dokebi, game world and exploration –

During an interview with his IGN counterparts, Pearl Abyss lead producer Sangyoung Kim revealed exciting new details about Game world, exploration and Dokebi from Dukef.

Dokebi are the monsters that our avatar can use in battle. These are Dokkaebi-inspired spirits of Korean folklore, born from people’s dreams and desires, which allowed the development team to immerse themselves in their designs and skills.

Dokebi was born from people’s dreams. For example, someone who aspires to become a boxer but is unable to pursue this goal due to their parents or other reasons. The impossibility of being able to fulfill this desire is manifested as a dream, the creation of the Dokebi boxer. ‘, Kim explains in an interview with IGN. As you progress through the game, players will receive numerous clues about Dokebi and eventually make friends with us after fulfilling the requirements for using the information collected about them.

DokeV, Dokebi will help in the battle

Moreover, Kim confirmed that Dokebi’s abilities will not only be useful in battle, but somehow also in secondary activities of the game, without revealing more details about them. DokeV’s main producer also talked about games World And how what has been seen in the trailers so far is just a small part of the massive island that will be the backdrop to the events of Dokkaebi.

Including White Whale Town, there are two cities in the Gamescom trailer. I’m not sure if I can describe the size of the city, but you can imagine it like this: the parts I saw in the trailer are only 10% of the island. The map is large enough that you can enjoy walking around and exploring the open world.

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Kim explains that in addition to the skateboards, rocket-skis, water bikes, bikes, and mini cars seen in the latest trailer, there will be many other modes of transportation in DokeV that will allow you to freely explore the game world, which though he did not reveal further. of details. However, the flagship producer of Pearl Abyss has revealed that the game will feature Day/night cycle, seasons and dynamic weather. In the same interview, he also clarified that while DokeV is no longer an MMO, it will still be based on co-op and PvP multiplayer.