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Solar eclipse in April, as it can be seen: Bad news for Italians

Solar eclipse in April, as it can be seen: Bad news for Italians

Solar eclipse in April, where it can be observed: bad news for Italians. A rare phenomenon that is always so amazing

The 2022 premiere will be recorded in April, exactly at the South Pole and will be visible only in some countries of the world. Unfortunately, our country is not among those.

Solar eclipse 2022 (AnsaFoto)

It is undoubtedly one of the most exciting events from an astronomical point of view (visible from Earth) solar eclipse. Our reference star who has been blocked for a few hours always gives excitement and piques the interest of many fans. In 2022, we’ve almost arrived at the fateful date of the first eclipse of the year. We won’t have to wait long because it’s going to happen inside end of April. It would be very cool considering it would live up to South Pole, One of the most amazing places on our planet. Unlike the event that happened last December which was a total, This April will be partial.

But let’s find out exactly what it means solar eclipse. For many years in the past, this event was attributed to a supernatural divine value, as a sign of impending ordeal. In fact it is about Optical astronomical phenomenon Where the sun and moon overlap, blocking the view from the Earth from behind, in whole or in part.

The solar eclipse will occur in April at the South Pole on Saturday 30: in Italy it will not be visible

Eclipse (AnsaFoto)

When the superposition of celestial bodies is complete we will have a total eclipse, otherwise (as in this case) it is only partial.

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As mentioned earlier, the date that will be marked on the calendar is in April and more specifically on the 30th. And the eclipse will happen in 14.45 Antarctica local time (7.45 pm Italian time). Approximately two hours after the start, the maximum overlap point will occur (which will be 54%). In total it will last 4 hours.

Unfortunately, it will not be visible all over the world and among the countries that will not be included in the show there is also Italia. The ground point where the eclipse can be seen will be the southernmost area of South America and Southeast Pacific. The place he will be able to enjoy in the best way is Argentina, where it will be possible to observe almost complete solar coverage. But for us Europeans, the date has been postponed until next time.