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Denmark helped the United States to spy on Angela Merkel

Denmark helped the United States to spy on Angela Merkel

PARIS – Denmark allowed US intelligence to spy Angela Merkel And some other European politicians. This emerges from an investigation by Danish public television that was announced by newspapers The world e South newspaperAccordingly, several German, French, Norwegian and Swedish parliamentarians and senior officials were spied on by the National Security Agency (NSA). The U.S. intelligence agency responsible for the electronic interception allegedly used intercept systems in the Copenhagen government-owned submarine telecommunications cables, but access with the U.S. agency was granted by agreements with the United States.

The NSA’s surveillance, which was announced by a press inquiry based on confidential references to secret services, took place between 2012 and 2014, especially with regard to the Chancellor, especially Frank-Walter Steinmeier, Former Secretary of State and current President of the Federal Republic, e Pierre Steinbruck, The leading figure in the Social Democratic Party.

The NSA monitoring of the Allies was not a complete novelty, it was later released Edward Snowden Merkel’s name appeared via wiretapping through the US Embassy in Berlin. At that time, the Danish intelligence accessible data stream, looking at the US Agency investigated to identify key words and communications. The results of the secret services attached in a report of about fifteen pages came out in 2015, the content of which has now been revealed by press inquiries. The report documents that the NSA used its agreements with Denmark to spy on governments affiliated with the European Union. However, it is unclear whether the Danish authorities were actively complicit or whether they were somehow deceived by Washington.

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Cooperation between the NSA and Denmark was realized in 2012 with the construction in the Danish territory of a massive data interception system on submarine cables. At the southern tip of the island to the south of Copenhagen, a Danish amejar NSA intelligence center was built with the help of a data storage center. French, Swedish and Norwegian politicians are among the names under US agency surveillance, whose names are now unknown. Danish Minister of Defense, Train Brahmson, Did not want to comment on the revelations, but reiterated that “formal interference by close associates is unacceptable”. The scandal had been in the air for months. By August, the entire secret service staff had been suspended and his former employer, who had been ambassador to Berlin, had been recalled.