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Marino, carabiner Antonio Bozia shot and killed his wife Anna Maria Ascolis

Marino, carabiner Antonio Bozia shot and killed his wife Anna Maria Ascolis

Annamaria Ascoles The struggle between life and death. The woman, who was injured in the shooting by her husband, is in hospital Antonio Bossia, 57-year-old Carabinier, chased her around their apartment at the height of a fight, who, after a brutal attack, He committed suicide at his Marino apartment With a gun to the chest.

Rome and its province are still stained with blood, which tells of a new family tragedy after lawsuits Tintoretto, Gallicano in Lazio AndHoly Island. However, the history of the city of Castelli Romani is a complex, strange play.

Both were originally from Chernobyl, he Deputy Brigadier of the Carabinieri He has been working in the Central Directorate of Drug Prevention Service Author And Anna Frank, who is in charge of the primary campus in Fratocci, as well as committed to defending the rights of women.

According to the testimony of friends and neighbors – and investigators’ reconstruction – there would have been deep differences between Marino’s husband and wife. The hypothesis is that she wanted to leave him, and it is not excluded that there have been episodes of violence in the past.

Annamaria Ascolis, who was admitted to San Camolo Hospital in critical condition, was struck by three bullets and pierced in the chest, thigh and arms. From the kitchen, shortly after noon, she tried to escape, ran to the balcony and she was hit and fell to the floor. The deputy brigadier of Carabinieri was separated from his first wife and father of two girls for 14 years. He may have thought she was dead.

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So he went back into the house and killed himself. Investigators found Marino’s police station with a service pistol in his hand. Residents in the area talked about violent fighting, then Shooting. A total of four. Antonio Pocia leaves behind two daughters, ages 21 and 28. Annamaria Ascolis The struggle between life and death.