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No Dow Blitz, Rockets and Stones Against Police - Chronicle

No Dow Blitz, Rockets and Stones Against Police – Chronicle

In the Susa Valley, there was no Dow attack on the construction site of the new San Diego Autoford. Hundreds of protesters hurled rockets, stones and other bare objects from the railways at police, who responded with tear gas. This was announced by the Turin Police Headquarters.

The attack on the San Diego construction site, the scene of clashes already in recent days, saw the end of a one-day struggle against the construction of the new autoford, a work linked to Turin-Lyon, a peaceful march through the streets of Val de Souza in the afternoon – according to organizers – about 3,000 people. A group of about thirty people in Brussolo left the procession and loaded a steel cable at the height of a man on the A32 Turin-Bardonesia motorway. Police immediately removed the road and blocked traffic, with Sitaf, the company that manages the highway, removing the blockages. In the dark, police stormed the construction site with paper grenades, firecrackers, firecrackers and stones to protect the fenced area.

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