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Slut’s line on throwing urine bags on a sari: “This time…”

Slut’s line on throwing urine bags on a sari: “This time…”

Rotterdam – A glowing atmosphere in De Kuip for Feyenoord Lazio. In addition to the importance of the Champions League match, there is also the incident last year, in the Europa League, when Sarri was targeted by Dutch fans. Beer glasses, urine bags and other items were thrown from the stands towards the Biancocelesti coach. Rotterdam club coach. Arnie slotHe returned to talk about that situation: “Only a very small part of the Feyenoord fans threw a lot of beer at the Lazio players. I know it can get hysterical here and when we press, the crowd gets excited too. This time too I hope there is only this positive support.” And not releasing things like last year, and fortunately there are networks to prevent this from happening again, especially throwing urine…”

Slot and criticism from Feyenoord fans

“Sarri’s criticism of our fans? Let’s say he doesn’t like any part of Dutch football, maybe because here in the Netherlands we are obsessed with football. And he is right, but only in relation to what happened with the throwing of glasses on the pitch.” towards his players. But there is more to it than that, and Sarri may not have seen it. I really appreciate his work. Even in his recent experiences with Juventus, Chelsea and Lazio. You can always see his style of play: his teams always want to have the ball. His best period was in Napoli, and it was great to watch his matches. The same applies to Lazio last year. Spalletti and Sarri are, in my opinion, the best Italian coaches.”