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The gaffe and backstory on TV in Bellevue

The gaffe and backstory on TV in Bellevue

A fun little scene that happened during the last episode of the Rai program Belve, presented by Francesca Fagnani. The guest of the show was Alba Partiti who provided a lot of background information about her professional life and some about her personal sphere without sparing some involuntary gaffes. The manager is the topic of discussion Zero copper staining German philosopher and writer Friedrich Nietzsche: “Tinto was a great director, if you asked me about the titles I would know themVagnani then goes on to ask her about her passion for… Nietzsche And Baretti does not back down: “I know all his sayings, and I am an avid reader of his books“.”Tell me the title of the book you liked“, the broadcaster asks her.

Pareti’s error in Nietzsche’s titles

Here the showgirl begins climbing the ladder: “There’s a lot…”. “Eh, tell me one, like “Thus Spake Zarathustra.”“.”Yes“,”“Thus spoke Zarathustra”. “But I just told him“Vagnani insisted, smiling.”And that’s why it came to my mind… I had a philosopher companion who taught me that a real man should neither be satisfied nor satisfiedBaretti continued, pretending nothing had happened.Ok, but just a title“.”Which book title did you like the most? Animal Farm by George Orwell“.”No, but at the hands of Nietzsche“.”As for Nietzsche, it surprises me: I can repeat many sentences but I don’t remember the titles, just as I don’t remember them from movies.“Paretti concluded resignedly.

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