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Sisters Selassie outside the tale and any show?  Who will be there from GF Vip

Sisters Selassie outside the tale and any show? Who will be there from GF Vip

If even a few days ago there were three Sisters SelassieAnd the JessicaAnd the Clarissa And the lulu It was taken for granted like that which appearsIn the meantime, something was going to change. has reported the latest rumors about the crew of the Carlo Conte show that aired on Rai1 from September 30 and apparently the three A princess They will be out of the list of competitors.

Sisters Selassie will not be in the Tale and which Show

The same TV portal had announced this Carlo Conte These days he would watch video tests of candidates qualified for like that which appears to perform the necessary scraping.

As we know every year the story is derived from reality GF Vip Some of his former competitors also chose to object to the young audience following Signorini. Among them there were also the Selassie sisters whom he suspected, given a certainty so far, would be out of the game now. This is what we read about:

Among the names that have been put on the field of competition through audio auditions sent via whataspp, we have already given you an account of those who have seen different individuals from a diverse group directed and led by Alfonso Signorini such as Guenda Goria, Davide Silvestri, Alex Belli, Katia Ricciarelli herself and princesses Selassie (the latter, however, won’t be there at the end of the show).

Speaking of the GF Vip, the name would have convinced Carlo Conte and it looks like a name Valeria Marinithe protagonist of two versions of the reality show according to “He’ll be part of the crew for the upcoming release of Tale and its show, Kiss the Stars”.