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Riccardo Pezzali, President of Profunghi, a company that produces and markets various types of mushrooms cultivated for four generations, is the protagonist of the “Boss incognito” docu-Reality show hosted by Max Giusti, broadcast on Monday January 16 at 21.20 on Rai 2.
Headquartered in San Cesareo in the province of Rome, Profunghi has 5 production sites located around Castelli Romani – totaling 13 thousand square meters of crops – employs 130 employees and produces 50 thousand quintals of mushrooms per year. In his masked adventure, Riccardo Pezzali will support his staff: Duilio will teach him how to prepare planting beds, Veronica will take him to a mushroom farm showing him how to pick mushrooms, and Sandra will teach him how to make mushroom stuffing. And in porcini packs and with Ramona he will be able to prepare sautéed mixture. On the other hand, Max Justi, having slipped into the role of José, will meet Alena and with her he will try to trim and pack mushrooms.
The Boss’ hidden experience will allow bosses, working alongside their employees, to get to know better who they work with and discover the strengths and weaknesses of their company from the inside. On the other hand, workers will be able, without knowing it, to introduce themselves to their companions, which is often considered elusive, but also to get to know them humanly, and not only professionally. There are usually two worlds apart and apart who will have the opportunity to meet and understand each other better.
The workers, preoccupied with working with their boss or with Max Justi (both in disguise) – so as not to arouse suspicion in them – will be told that a “Missione lavoro” is being filmed, a neorealist telling the world about Italian entrepreneurship and business in a difficult and challenging moment, not only For companies but for the whole country. Once the company’s filming week is over, the workers will discover that they have been supported in their duties by their boss and, in some cases, by Max Gusti, who will reveal his true identity.
Produced in collaboration with Endemol Shine Italy, “Boss incognito” is based on the Undercover Boss format created by Studio Lambert and licensed by All3media International Limited.
Program written by Francesca Pecosa (project leader), Alicia Eleutieri, Maria Grazia Gicenti and Giuliano Rinaldi. Direction is Alberto De Pasquale. Producer is Ray Corrado Pacchetti.

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