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Sanctions on Russia, embargo on gas: US opens to Italy

Sanctions on Russia, embargo on gas: US opens to Italy

“There is no denying that even Italy has its own concerns. We all do it, which is part of this process.” Kamala Harris, second-in-command of the White House, reads in one capital and recognizes in practice that there can be no sanctions against victim Moscow in another capital. Doubts expressed by Prime Minister Mario Draghi over the imposition of sanctions on the Russian energy sector led to the discovery of “citizenship” in Monaco, regardless of Italy’s dependence. Gas The Russian language is larger than many European countries. “Italy – including the US Vice President – is very much in talks about how to proceed. Russia From the invasion “.


A “reserve”, an Italian one, could be further activated at a meeting with Troki in Moscow over the weekend. Vladimir Putin. The Russian president asked for it, but there is no exact date on the agenda and Rome continues with caution to avoid exploitation. In recent days, it has been Putin who has promised Tracy about gas supplies, but if Moscow’s goal is to pave a way between allies, it has failed because, as Tracy points out, “the summary of the West is beyond question.” Like Italy, France and Germany, Minsk continues to work to open the diplomatic gap in the hope that only the beginning of the implementation of the agreements can alleviate tensions. Following the French president’s phone call to the Kremlin, US President Macron and German Chancellor Olaf Scholes’ plans to discuss the situation will also be discussed during the phone call.

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On the third and final day of the Munich Security Conference, the annual meeting of the elite of planetary diplomacy on reconciliation in the Atlantic Ocean, the West wants to encourage Vladimir Putin to occupy. “We have implemented huge sanctions against the Russian economy and its government,” but this time “we still believe in their preventive effect.” UkraineKamala Harris, Vice President of the United Nations, reiterated that Charles Michael, President of the Council of Europe, reiterated that the EU would discuss punitive measures without any delay during an extraordinary summit.

But there are differences over time (and the nature of the obstacles). Yesterday, Ukraine pressed the accelerator again and asked for sanctions: “Russia must stop now. It’s time to act. We see how things are going,” said Kiev Foreign Minister Dmitro Kuleba, who further stressed the preventive measures. News, where Twenty-seven foreign ministers meet for new discussions on the expansion of the East and the European Commission in consultation with member states to finalize the finalization: Compliance with the US Treasury: from suspension to visas and freezing of current account holdings and assets of the institution close to Putin, including major Russian credit institutions But one of the most serious options so far includes cutting the Moscow from the international tariff system Swift), the Nord Stream 2 gas pipeline with indefinite shutdown. Until the implementation of the ban on the export of technical components manufactured in Europe.

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The impact of companies doing business with Russia is significant and the warning about energy supplies is high, with the EU 40% dependent on Moscow, especially at a time when gas prices are already skyrocketing: “The sanctions will hit our economy hard, and it’s clear to German companies,” said Berlin’s Vice-Chancellor Robert. Hebeck agreed yesterday. To a large extent, EU diplomacy, led by Italy, works to protect the most exposed countries, such as ours, and the most vulnerable sectors, from luxury to energy, from the consequences. Fears are evident in these hourly interactions.

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