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The secret of the letter "Z" on Russian tanks on the border with Ukraine - video

The secret of the letter “Z” on Russian tanks on the border with Ukraine – video

The letter Z appears on Russian tanks and convoy lines moving toward the Ukrainian border. British media, including telegraph. Letters within a white square are drawn on tanks, self-propelled guns, fuel trucks and refueling vehicles, the premise being that they serve to identify specific roles in some kind of military operation. The independent Russian channel “Hunter Notts”, which closely monitors military movements, said that “all equipment (marked with” Z”) was seen near Kursk and in the Chepkino region of Belgorod” on the border with Ukraine. About 200 military vehicles were seen in the area, and due to the hastily application of the “Z” signs, the channel indicates that “we are dealing with a certain group of forces that are assigned tasks and plans for the near future.”

Other hypotheses suggest that the acronym serves to protect Russian forces from separatist-friendly fire in Donbass in the event of an invasion. Military tanks sped through the streets of Chepkino, 28 kilometers southeast of Belgorod. And the pictures ended up on Tik-Tok. . According to analyst Rob Lee, who spoke about it Twitter, “Z” could denote several units destined for the invasion: “It appears that Russian forces near the border are drawing signs, in this case a letter, to designate the different levels and task forces.” Instead, the most creative theory explained the letter “Z” by associating it with Russia’s number one enemy, the Ukrainian president. Zelensky.

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