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China lands on Mars and challenges US

China lands on Mars and challenges US

The China Landed a Spacecraft Its Tuesday, According to state media, as a further sign of its bold technological and dominant aspirations.

It is now the second largest Asian power after the United States Round On the surface Red Planet.

In a never-ending tense situation between the United States and China, space travel also acquires a strategic importance: to demonstrate their power and to establish dominance over rivals.

What doesChinese landing on Mars?

China on Mars: Travel Details

“Tianwen-1 mission made China’s first landing on another planet …. a milestone of great importance in space and aviation development in China”: So the landing on Mars was announced by the Chinese media.

The Global Times Rover reported that Sonda Tianwen-1 Utopia reached a plain on Planet called Planetia early Saturday morning local time, citing information from the Chinese National Space Administration.

The Lander And this Round Of the Tianwen-1 spacecraft, which was separated from orbit at 4 a.m., and then they had a three-hour flight to enter the atmosphere of Mars.

The spacecraft was ready to land nine minutes before its smooth landing, avoiding obstacles and cushioning. In days.

This is the first step in exploring Beijing’s solar system.

US-China: Space Challenge for Dominance

China’s spatial prowess reveals, not too secretly, the eternal power struggle with the United States.

In Viking2 NASA Utopia visited Planetia in 1976, and its twin, Viking 1, became the first spacecraft in history to land safely a few months later. The American space agency has since sent several missions. On April 19, the US space program flew the first helicopter Ingenuity, On another planet.

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The Round President Xi Jinping’s government could provide a public relations boost on Mars following the Chinese rocket crash, which has raised warnings around the world about the secrecy of the country’s space program.

This is more than four decades after NASA’s landings, but its success China on Mars Dragon shows that space engineers are quickly closing the gap with their American counterparts.

The United States views China’s efforts in space as strategic. “Beijing is working to match or exceed America’s capabilities in space Military benefits, Washington receives economic and economic benefits from space leadership, According to an annual estimate published by the Office of the Director of National Intelligence.