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Salary increase and arrears What happens if I don’t get a job rebuild due to secretarial delays? [VIDEO]


Question time live on OS TV on November 15, dedicated to salary increases and arrears in light of the signing of the school contract, also touched on the topic of rebuilding a career.

This, as we know, is a question that school staff can ask December 31st Every year it is used to update it Job status of teachers and ATA staff with salary levels that have accumulated over time.

What happens if the functional reconstruction is not updated due to a delay in the secretariat? How will increases and arrears be calculated?

to answer Stephen Cavallinirepresentative of the National Secretary to Anif And the regional president of Campania: “To understand this, functional reconfiguration frames the segment of workers. Before this time, it may have a lower range and therefore have an arrears account related to the previous range“.

Not a problem though“, Shows:”When you have a functional rebuild, you often have arrears as well. Therefore, the arrears of this contractual renewal 19-21 when the functional reconstruction is approved by the relevant state regional accounting office will be found to be in arrears for this three-year period.“.

So, they will come later but they will comeSyndicate adds.

For the new salary bracket, you will incur this salary increase arrears in addition to the normally expected increasesCavallini concludes.

Listen to the syndicate’s answer per minute 38:00 And for every minute 39:40

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