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This is how you destroy the state


one day a. Sergio Ricosa He entered the classroom, had to start a course in economic and financial policy at the Faculty of Economics and Commerce of the University of Turin, and the students in the class that morning told us: “Remember: grammar is more important than economics.” Many laughed, thinking of a provocative joke made by a slightly eccentric person. But, as always, he was right.

Sergio Ricosa passed away in 2016. He was able to resist all the attacks on liberal culture, especially liberal economic culture, in difficult times when governmental and authoritarian ideologies seemed to have no alternatives.

today It is imperative that his voice be heard againFor everyone who does not know it yet, especially for young people who engage in political and cultural debate. And also to all those who call themselves liberals and who show signs of forgetting the “basics”.

Written in 1977 in one of his wonderful books entitled How do you destroy a country? (Rizzoli 1995):

It has already been achieved, a kind of historical and linguistic compromise. From communists to Catholics and businessmen, everyone is now speaking a new rhetoric. The main verb in New Speech is ‘run’ (together). Politics, money, culture, love, land, everything runs. We’re not going to say blow your nose anymore, but we’re running (together) a nose job. It is managed, it is highlighted, it is encouraged, it is discouraged, structured, articulated. An economist has already written a “highlight”. A thing does not grow or decrease, but is proportional to an upward or downward dynamic. Introducing the steak side dish becomes putting the steak into the referential context in which it operates.”

Today, nearly fifty years later, we have evolved: we do not say “we see the direction of the rate of inflation” but we say “we see what the direction is of what inflation is”. Money, for example that of PNRR, is not spent or used: it is “forbidden”.

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This is also how you destroy a country. And we, with these ricochean grains, will oppose these forms of degradation.

Ronald Reagan said: “Freedom is not more than a generation away from extinction.” Exactly, the same applies to the subjunctive, syntax and the ability to express oneself clearly.

Fabrizio Bonali, November 16, 2022


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