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Rossi Stewart, Delago and Stache in “Stasera c’è Cattelan”


Double date for “Stasera c’è Cattelan”, late evening on Rai2, Tuesday 10 October and Wednesday 11 October.
Guests for the fifth episode of the show, which airs at 11:30 p.m., are Kim Rossi Stewart, the lead actor of the series “Everybody Loves Diamonds,” in which he plays an unusual thief in the series inspired by the true story of an unexpected heist. Century, Coez and Farah Quintale, artists and lifelong friends, after the success of their album “Lovebars”, Andrea Dilogo, the red-haired actress and presenter who will return as a heroine in Italian theaters in November-December with her show “40 e sto”. Finally, Daniele Lavia and Alessandro Micheletto, volleyball phenomenons who won gold and silver with the national team in the 2012 and 2023 European Championships, and gold in the 2022 World Cup and are Italian champions with their Trentino volleyball club.
As for the sixth episode, which will be broadcast on Wednesday, October 11 at 11.15 p.m., Claudio Bisio, who will make his directorial debut with “The Last Time We Were Children,” will be in the cinema from October 12. Also guest is Stash, the leader of the band The Kolors, who not only dedicates himself to music, but returns as a voice actor for Trolls 3. Then Luca Ravina, the record-breaking stand-up comedian, is currently touring theaters all over Italy with the new show “ Red Sox” and Serena Bortone, journalist and TV presenter who presents every Saturday at 8.15pm and Sunday at 8.00pm the new in-depth and current affairs program “Che will be” on Rai 3.

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